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Hey, and welcome to my website. It's my own personal warehouse of info. Later on I intend on putting some audio files and little graphics, things to make the experience a little more colorful. I hope you have as much fun looking as I am building. "Don't forget to bring a towel"!

That's me on the right, and I'll be your host. While working on my own solo projects, I have also been a part of a band called "Buffalo Creek" for about a year. I guess you could call me a "special guest musician" for them. For country, they are IT. I've only been playing out for a year, but have already jammed with some of Cleveland's premier talents. I hope you enjoy the website.   

Members of Buffalo Creek Band

Don Maynard - lead vocals, rhythm guitar, words

"Fat" Ray - bass guitar, back. vocals

"Mad" Mike Yurik - drums, back. vocals

Rodger Marcus - lead guitar

Chuck Raleigh - pedal steel guitar


Fran Gardner - vocals

Mark Wimmer - vocals, rhythm guitar

"Ride a Horse" Dave McKeevar - vocals, keyboards, rhythm guitar

Jeremy Piteo - vocals, rhythm & lead guitar

"Mr." J.R. - vocals, rhythm guitar

Connie Donley - lead & back. vocals




You simply MUST sign my guestbook, located on the "Favorite Links" page of this site. You know you wanna, and I'd love to hear from you!

Questions, Comments, Info I don't have? Gimme, gimme!


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